Erik Janssen

Erik Janssen is a Senior Analyst with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP). For the past two years at STEP, Erik’s work has focused on the instrumentation, monitoring and performance analysis, of near-to-market heat pump and photovoltaic (PV) technologies. Technical reports written by Erik are available on STEP’s webpage (, with current or recently finished work including a comprehensive study examining the performance of several GTA geoexchange systems, a performance evaluation of air-source heat pump water heaters and a power quality assessment of grid-tie solar PV inverters. Prior to STEP, Erik worked as a Laboratory Testing Specialist and Junior Engineer at Ecologix Heating Technologies Inc., a small-scale local manufacturer of innovative cold climate air-source heat pumps. His time at Ecologix was primarily spent collecting heat pump performance data in the company’s cold chamber laboratory for use in quality control and in the development of advanced control algorithms. He holds a M.A.Sc. in Engineering Physics from McMaster University, where his research concerning the fabrication and characterization of novel silicon-based PV devices resulted in the publication of two conference papers at the highly-regarded Photovoltaic Specialist Conference. Erik also holds a Swedish Magisterexam in Solar Energy Engineering from the European Solar Engineering School (ESES) and a B.Sc. (Hon) in Physics.